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I’m getting behind in a number of requests for information. So I’ve decided to post them all together in one go. Now I have a new baby to look after as well as my first son time is even more limited and I’m still on paternity leave!

Diesel Cable Bracket

bracket image

I have had a request for a drawing of the cable clip I made that holds the steel conduit from the battery to the start in place.


Jack Measurement.

information to follow

Question from a reader.

have recently inherited my late best freinds Fergy. Its been neglected since winter last year and subsequently the block has cracked. I would love to restore the tractor for use on our small holding, especialy for bringing the turf down the moutain.The engine was a good runner last year so I sould imagine some parts are are still fit for purpose. Please let me know if you can help me source either a replacement engine or block. Thanks. Robbie Blackley

Wow you have set yourself a challenge. There are a number of questions you need to answer before going any further. first off, how much money where you thinking of spending? Second how much spare time do you have? What type of engine block is it? There are 6 all together that yours could be I think . Fuel type is the easiest place to start. diesel, petrol, TVO? 6 volt or 12 volt electrics The best thing to do is take a load of pictures and send them to me. left side right side, under the bonnet, back, front, close up either side of the engine. That will do for starters.

Hi Tim,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. As far as identification is concerned its a deisel 4 cylinder aprox. 1948. I am going over to my place, a small ireland of the coast of Donegal called Arranmore,  later in October and will get loads of pictures. Money not much of and I don’t want a show piece so I only want to spend enough to get it going again. I’ll probably do most of the work myself during my holidays on the ireland. By the way I live in Scotland. Thank Robbie.

Beamish Auger in action again

This is an amazing Auger. At some point in it’s life it has lost the two original cast arms that stick out from the tractor. The current two arms have been fabricated not cast. Again just a picture Chris hasn’t work out how to take movies with his phone, one day!

Beamish Auger

Fabricated Arms

After posting this item charles has been in touch with some words of wisdom. I don’t know everything and don’t claim to. This website is a journey. It’s a discovery, for all I hope.

Tim,  welcome back from the recent hack and congratulations on the new family addition.The post holer at Beamish is very similar to mine and yes they are an amazingly powerful machine ,the DFE20 as it was designated always had fabricated steel lift arms,the cross member differed over the years and according to which country they were made in. Some cross members ,particularly the English made ones were cast and hansome in design , the Australian and other overseas models used the same  British made gear box and lift arm design but used a simpler more utilitarian cross member as shown in the attached pictures. The fabrication of arms and cross member and in some cases the auger itself , at least here in Australia was in order to satisfy local content laws and avoid import tarrifs. Beamish’s auger looks to be complete  ,it just has arms that were repaired a little crudely at some time. The instruction book for it suggests that the arms are suitable as a lifting crane! perhaps that is how the damage occurred. I believe a slip clutch was available for this implement , I have never seen one and would love to source one in order to protect the gearbox from overload.
Regards Charles

Post holer No 2


Update implement is now back from the shot blasters and it’s come up much cleaner than I thought.

(before and after pictures)

S9-KE-20 Before

S9-KE-20 After

Not from a reader

OK first let me start with a question.


I’ve purchased a length of steel conduit to go from the battery to the starter motor. The conduit however doesn’t go all the way to the starter motor and stops early. Can someone please leave a comment with the length the conduit should be and also the length of the wire from battery to carter motor. Mine i fear is anything but the original length.

and the place I got the conduit is……

http://www.vintagesupplies.com search for the work conduit

I have also purchased smaller bore conduit to run wire from the mudguard lights to the switch on the dashboard. There should be enough of the large diameter stuff to protect the lighting wires under the front axle (as original).

I have bought a Ferguson mower (Again)

(Details to follow)




3 Responses to “Readers Replies 1”

  1. René Says:

    Hello Tim,

    On my TEF the tube of the conduit bracket is flared on both ends.



  2. ploughmyfield Says:

    Hi René.
    yes mine was.
    but this is 2mm stainless tube much more difficult to flare.

  3. René Says:

    Hello Tim,

    No stainless anywhere on my tractor !



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