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A couple of weeks ago I had an email conversation from Paul Foster who wanted to know how much it would cost and how long it would take to restore a TEF-20 tractor he was getting from his brother in law. I politely answered that without at least some photography of the tractor it was difficult to say. Paul has obliged and goes on to say

“unfortunately I don’t have it in my possession at the moment as I’m waiting on my brother in law to drop it off.

He has 2 TE-F’s one with a “rare” banana loader (His wording) and will not part with that one as much as I tried to persuade him.

I can tell you tho the Tin work is all present and correct including the very expensive bonnet, The Dynamo, Starter, Gas, Petrol Tank, Dash are all there, However I did notice that the

Diesel line are not all there or broken. The Rad is there but has no fan (not sure of the terminology), No Cam belt – I did try and use the manual handle but its kept slipping off no matter how hard I tried to turn it over which

makes me think she is completely seized so new piston, rings etc etc will need to be replaced. Until I get it home then I really can’t tell you anymore about it.

PTO and Lifting arms are seized up, gearbox seems to link into gears but I can’t be 100% that’s working correctly without stipping it.

Is there a specific thing to look”

I hope Paul doesn’t mind me posting these pictures for all to see as the readers may come up with some helpful suggestions of there own.

Clicking on the pictures below will open them up bigger, for a closer look!

When I looked at the first picture I was horrified, no back wheel, looking very rusty in general. But as I went further down the pictures I felt more and more positive. The fact the bonnet has stayed on has helped the condition of the engine enormously. The first thing you have to do is get the cylinder head off and find out how stuck those pistons are?  see the exhaust has been open to the rain with a short length pipe.

There is a lot of grey on the engine and not much on the back end. This isn’t t much of a problem as at the very worst a replacement back end can be sourced more easily than an engine.  I’d try to get the tractors engine running before you commit to the time and expense of a full nut and bolt strip down.

On the positive side

there are still many wonderful items on the tractor. it looks like you have all the Ki-gass equipment (two tanks + pipework + pump) behind the main fuel tank.
Bonnet – looks OK
Number plate on the front is still readable – should mean an original V5 can be obtained.
Fuel tank – looks OK
Dynamo, starter and radiator all present (first things to go missing)
All the pipework for the fuel system looks present. yours is a pre 1954 model and did not have a lift pump fitted as mine does.
You have the Serial Number plate and you can make out the number on it (not shown in these pictures)

Then for the Extra’s

You have a trailer hitch under the back axle and a tipper pipe to the left of the PTO.
There is a toothed cog attached to the dynamo this would have originally connected to the hours meter. An item that could be sold (probably eBay) to help with costs.
Starting Handle – present

And the cost

Well thinking how much mine has cost so far I would say in the region of £2000 to get it to  a useful, working painted, New wheels and tyres, mudguards, engine overhauled tractor. And time well as much as you want to throw at it really. it all depends on what condition you want it looking like when you’ve finished.

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12 Responses to “Paul’s Restoration Challenge”

  1. Aled Morris Says:

    Just looking at those pictures i noticed another fergie sat next to it with what looked like a mill loader frame.

    If it is the same tractor pauls brother was on about,it isnt a banana loader,its a mill loader a common version.

    And plus it looks in a pretty bad state i think you have got the better of the two by the small pictures i can see of the other tractor

    Good luck

  2. ploughmyfield Says:

    clicking on the pictures will open them up bigger, for a closer look.

  3. Paul Foster Says:

    Hi Guys.
    Well first of all – Thank you Tim for publishing my story so far!

    Yes Aled – that tractor you can see in the background is the one he says the Banana loader will fit onto. Also if you look on the second picture behind the back axle of “My” tractor you will see yet another TEF20 Engine…

    Tim – Regarding getting the engine turned over – I have been doing quite a lot of research and I fell across a chap that was in a similar situation to me ( Seized Engine ) and he said to take out the glow plugs and pour oil into the cylinders directly and leave it a few day and see if that will free-up the pistons? Would u advise doing that? have you heard of doing that before?

    can anyone else advise?


    Paul Foster

    P.s After seeing Tims progression on his blog, I have decided to create myself one on my own daily/weekly progress. As Tims TE-F20 was a runner in the first place ( I believe it was a runner ) I thought i’d do one from a non-runner point of view. However I will not post the link here or anywhere else on Tim website as he has been very kind to me over the last few weeks and I really appreciate his time and sound advice.

  4. René Says:

    If the exhaust was without cover as it is on the pictures expect a corroded cylinderhead from whater ingress in to the cylinders that had a open exhaust valve, if the engine was left decompressed that means all of them !. That can render the head useless. The rest of the engine should be fine but look for cracking behind the starter. It’s the most likely spot for frost damage but usualy concieled by the starter.

    It’s got what looks like a drive gear for a hours recorder on the dynamo pulley, those are rare !.



    PS. If you want you can check out my photo’s on http://s144.photobucket.com/albums/r191/littlegreyfergie/Ferguson/TEF20/ for some insight in to what’s involved in doing a complete overhaul. (I’m still at it !)

  5. Michael Says:

    Is the dynamo adjusting bracket puttin ghte dynamo slightly forward (reason for belt coming off as at angle? ) – or are they all like this. Cant remember of the top of my head.

  6. Paul Foster Says:

    Hi Rene

    Love your Progression Photos and the videos you have.
    How rare is the “Hours Recorder?” I have never been told about that?

    I knew that i was going to have to do a full rebuild of the engine and fully understand its not going to be a 5 minute job. but i have plenty of time.. and patience….( not sure the Mrs’s will tho ).

    How long has it taken you Rene from start to finish as your TEF stands now?

  7. ploughmyfield Says:

    Hi Paul,
    I said in the article I wrote about the hours recorder cog. It is the cog just behind the dynamo pulley wheel. I would recommend selling just it to the highest bidder (usually eBay) could fetch £50-£100 I think one was sold recently. would pay for some of your restoration parts.

  8. René Says:

    Hello Paul,

    It’s been on and off since 2003 actualy !. Something always seems to get in the way. Not having a wife or girlfrend seems to help though !.

    At the moment it’s still the same as in the video basicaly allthough I did repair the upper and lower dash and the lower top link holes and a few other bits and bobs. I’ve been sidetracked since making those vids by the MF1200 I bought. At the moment the push to get that moving is abandend so I should get something done soon.



  9. ploughmyfield Says:

    WR is west yorkshire records missing so he will not get number unless
    has log book
    from: Gary Downer

    Thanks Gary I don’t know if Paul has his V5?

  10. Paul Says:

    Hi Chaps

    I really cant work out if the number plates reads NWR 202 or NWR 302

    Either way i dont have the Log book.. im guessing i wont be able to recover the old records about the tractor then?

  11. Richard Says:

    Hi Chaps

    I would be interested in purchasing the gear pulley on the dynamo if someone could give me some contact details for Paul
    Regards Richard

  12. ploughmyfield Says:

    Hi Richard,
    I’m not sure Paul want’s to sell anything on the tractor just yet. but he has your details if he wants to get in touch.

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