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So how did I get to know there was a Ferguson dealership in Sheffield which existed years before I was born? Well a chance encounter with a man on the Ferguson Club stand at Newark show back in October 2007. The man in question was Brian Pickering the membership secretary for the club. He told me of another member whose family used to own the Ferguson Dealership in the centre of Sheffield. Brian said he would pass my details on to that person and let him get in touch with me if wanted to.

Hello Tim
what a brilliant site especially the Samuel Wilson pictures, Worked at  THAT garage from 1955 16 years old to 1960  national service in the RAF.

 I may have prepared the FE 35 for delivery with number plates plus suppliers badge,the brackets were made by a fabrication firm in Holland St a Mr Charlesworth. The Standard Vanguard was one of pos 3  for the outside reps and service, also has a Morris Z van  swine to start  a Austin pickup  a pre Vanguard Standard van  a Dodge lorry plus a Bedford lorry   and a Commer unit with a Queen Mary trailer. Stan Wordsworth was the service  Manager ,  Frank Wilson  was  very hands on went out sometimes with him to deliver and collect   tractors  although there was other drivers employed.  

Lots of memories   

Regards Roy.

This picture dated early 1960 shows me in the white overalls issued for the Fe35 presentation Oct the 2 1956 Used them for years



This map shows the position of the Ferguson showroom on West Street. The old hospital is to the right. The showroom is on the ground floor with Inland Revenue offices above and shop fronts to the left.


This was the Showroom in 1952.

The picture can be blown up to show first the shop front then the tractors in the showroom.

Detail of the shop front including drive in petrol pumps (left) one of the company's vanguard vans and several tractors in the showroom.

Zooming in a little closer an industrial and Diesel model can be clearly seen.

The following pictures show the showroom in its 2008 condition, waiting for a new owner.

Looking from the corner into the showroom. The tractor in front is mine. The doors in the blue area on the left was a drive in section for filling up out of the rain. this was also how you accessed the showroom.

A closer look at the entrance to the Service section

The inside looks a little sad. I would have loved to have wondered round in its hay day say 1954 when my tractor was manufactured.



Wilson where Agricultural and Industrial stockist. This meant they also supplied lots of tractors to the local councils and builders as well as farmers.
An example of every implements that Ferguson produced must be stocked/available at the dealers. If a customer wanted a demonstration then the item was available to show and demonstrate to the customer. The customer could purchase the item and take it away to use immediately.
All the parts to make a complete TE, TEA, TED, TEF had to be stocked as spare parts.
Many items where offered as exchange items, Radiators, Starters, Dynamos etc. These where then refurbished in the Hillsbrough service centre (upstairs)
A customer could phone up in the morning and the part could be out to the customer that day whilst the engineer was on his rounds.

Click to see a bigger version

It was taken at Norfolk Park entrance.

1. ?
2. Les Graham
3. ? Sales Rep
4. Mac -Scottish Mechanic
5. Edwin Hall - Sales Rep
6. ?
7. Maurice Butcher - Newark
8. ?
9. Frank Wilson - Sales Manager
10. ?
11. Mac -Scottish Mechanic
12. Edwin Hall - Sales Rep
13. ?
14. Harry Atckinson - Mechanice
15. Stan Wordsworth - Service Manager, West Street
16. Ron Kettringham
17. Ken Wilson - Service Manager, Bradfield Road
18. ?

A. Standard Vanguard Van Phase 1
B. Standard Vanguard Van Phase 1
C. Standard Vanguard Van Phase 1
D. Standard Vanguard Van Phase 1
E. Standard Vanguard Van Phase 1
F. Standard Van 12hp or 14hp
G. Bedford 3-4 Ton
H. Austin Van 12hp
J. Vauxhall 14
K. Austin A70
L. Austin A40
M. Dodge 3-4 Ton
N. Standard Van 12hp or 14hp
P. Austin vVan Mk 2
Q. Standard Vanguard Van Phase 2
R. Standard Vanguard Van Phase 1
S. Standard Vanguard Van Phase 1
T. Standard Vanguard Van Phase 1

Roy's comment on the picture.......

The Wilson fleet is a brilliant photo taken around 1951(ish) Idid not start work there until April 1955. I did not know that there was as many vehicles some would be at  the Owlerton depot . The old Standard van that was there in 1955 and Bedford lorry next to it were based at West Street, as was the Dodge lorry 7th from the left that disposed of shortly after Istarted there,5th from the left is my favourite   the Austin A40 pickup was at West Street once I passed my test I was allowed to drive it.  Most of the Vanguards worked out of Owlerton so I do not recognise the drivers apart from Maurice Butcher he drove the Bedford lorry, I last saw him at Norton plough match he is part of that club must be 80. I think that this is an advertising opportunity but no banner to say. Roy.

Employee Reunion at Newark Tractor Show 2010

Maurice Butcher, Roy Hutchinson, Edward(Ted) Watkins

Name Plate

Below are shown two examples of the name plate added to the Ferguson tractors that left the Wilson showroom.

This first example shows a black and white smaller plate on the dashboard

The same tractor from the front if correct it can be seen that this is an early model 1949. So I would assume the black and white one was the first type fitted to tractors

This second type of plate is located on the bonnet. I like this as a position much better than on the dash.

This Third design sees another design on the dash again. At this stage I'm not sure if this is later than the one above or vise versa.

This next one is a real anomaly. Wilsons primarily sold Ferguson and Massey Ferguson tractors and later David Brown. They where never a reseller for Ford although this tractor has a Wilsons badge on it. I've contacted the relevant people and it is believed to be genuine. The story goes the company that bought the tractor had Fergusons and wanted a ford and wanted Wilsons to sell them it.


Wilsons seem to have attended lots of local shows. It must have taken days to setup. What a collection.


The majority of this section has been gathered from the Kelly’s Business Advertisement directory for Sheffield and Rotherham.

1897 Company established By Samuel Wilson
1915 Wheelwright, 70 Owlerton Green, Owlerton
1920 Samuel Wilson are listed in the 1920,s and early 30's as motor car agents 148 West St OPPOSITE THE LATER GARAGE
1930 By 1933 had moved from 148 west street to158 West St
1939 Moved to 127 Wet St near the end of the 30,s when the large tax office block was built.
1944 Samuel Wilson & Son LTD. Coach Builders & Repairers, Sheet Metal Workers, Motor Engineers & Agents, 125 to 137 West Street (T. N. Sheffield 25807) & Bradfield Road 6: Registered Office, 70 Owlerton green 43262
1951 Samuel Wilson & Son LTD. Agricultural implement engineering A agents, 125 to 137 West Street (T. N. Sheffield 25807) & Bradfield Road 6: Registered Office, 70 Owlerton green

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