Restoring An Old Ferguson Tractor (Diesel) TE-F 20


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Can we confirm the correct grades of oil for engine and transmission please. The general census is that multigrades are O.K. for the engine - but a single SAE 40 is best for the transmission since the pump uses the same fluid as the gears and detergent-based oils may not be best. Advice welcome - as I am about to change all oils ready for the season.

The book says SAE 40 in the back end for the UK.

We use a standard 20:50 motor oil in the gearbox/hydraulics, which is far better than any straight oil of a type available in the days your tractor was made.

An SAE over 40 in your hydraulics will cause your system to slow down.

You should NOT use hydraulic oils in the back end of a TE 20 series tractor. They are not designed for them.

Detergents will only keep your machinery clean. There is no harm in it whatever. The suggestion that it will cause harm is just a myth.

The manual recommends detergent oil in the Diesel engine. A modern 15:40 detergent oil will be very good for use in the UK.

Straight oils are, generally, of poorer quality, may need changing more often and are much more expensive.

I've had this question so many times that I have checked with manufacturers and they had confirmed it.

With regard to engine oils, ALWAYS change your filters as specified in the makers instructions.

An Engine Hour is calculated as being the number of revolutions of the engine when run for 1 hour at 1500 r.p.m. That's 5.4 million revolutions. That's 684 million revolutions every 120 hours. Not so onerous!

From the book:-
Change engine lubricating oil.
Wash crankcase vent filter and screen in petrol; whilst removed grease throttle link cross-shaft bearings.

Arrange to have the injectors serviced.

Fuel System
Unscrew Kigass filter and wash gauze in petrol.

Change oil every 720 working hours or at least once a year. Drain from all three plugs.


These are Goodyear 11.2-28 and they look Great, I like the tread pattern.

Rears (12.4/11-28) Originals where 10 -28 can still get hold of Straight lugs so they do look the part. A lot of the rears now have fancy kinks in the lugs which spoil the look.
Fronts, (4.00-19) The book says.  Although my tyres are  6.00 -16