TEF-20 No1

TEF-20 No2

TEF-20 No3+Lighting

2xTEF-20 on Islay

I thought on this page I could take pictures of other peoples TEF-20's for reference

TEF-20 No1

This first tractor I came across on the Festival of the plough day at Doncaster /05/2007. It was being used to pull a trailed plough.

Here I'm trying to show the route of the fuel line from the main tank to the AUX and then on to the lift pump then filters. My tractor just has a hose going from main tank to lift pump. I'd like to change that. I think the Aux tank has some holes and is full of green slime.

Closer shot of the fuel lines

That clutch peddle looks really warn. I like the idea of foot plates again I'll look at getting some. Can you start a diesel tractor on the handle? I notice he has one there. Maybe if warm but not from cold surely?

The bolts for these wheel weights where welded onto the rims. All the ploughing tractors seemed to have weights

lower link arms and connectors missing as they would get in the way. Notice also the seat has been raised on a bracket. this I assume is for visibility.

This drawbar is the reason to remove the lower link arms. Note it is attached to the underside of the tractor to stop it tipping over.

Download the sound of this tractor ticking over. It sounds so sweet. I wish mine sounded this good.


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TE-F20 No2

This Second tractor I also came across on the Festival of the plough day at Doncaster /05/2007.

This one had a Ferguson reduction gearbox fitted. the access coverto the gearbox was replaced with the lever. Someone said FE/MF 35's where good at ploughing because of the low gears. so if you have a reduction box on a TE-F20 it must be a good thing for ploughing.

That is not a ferguson item but was made by the howard rotovator company. It is also not suitable to pull heavely with it in low range so ploughing with one of these is a no-no.

It can be profitable to have low range on a TE when ploughing as the foward speed is reduced but the hydrolics are still powered at full speed making it more responsive - René de Bruin [12/05/2008]

Again an unusual back end with the drawbar on some sort of gear wheel.

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TE-F20 No3

This tractor also at Doncaster /05/2007 had a larger than life owned. he was using it with a 1 furrow ferguson reversable plough (video of the reverse operation lower down). This one has the lucas lighting kit and a great number plate.

I love this addition as a level indicator

On a fergie original leveling rod there is a grove in the rod that when level with the top of the lower bit acts as a level indicator. Thecompetition ploughmen may use one of these to indicate different setups. - René de Bruin [12/05/2008]

Video of the reversable plough in use. Download Here

Video of the reversable plough at the headland. Download Here

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2 TE-F20s On the Isle of Islay

I discovered these two late on the Thursday on the way to the fell race on Scotish island of Jura. I stopped for about 20 mins taking photos as all the others carried on to the overnight campsite. The second one in line looked in better shape than the first.