Belt Pulley Attachment

I was Robbed
I see now why no one else made a bid for the pulley on eBay. Its broken. One of the FoFH members pointed it out.

The top of the shaft has snapped off leaving a big gap Between the end of the shaft and the seal. Heaven knows how I'm going to fix it. My first thought was to weld a piece on and turn it down on a lathe.

I tested the pulley this weekend, I think one of the seals has gone. I fitted the pulley OK.

This photo was taken with the pulley rotating at 1000rpm. I couldn't have taken a better photo if it was stationary. (tape added to picture to show direction of rotation)

With the pulley bolted to the other side you can see the the direction of rotation is different. I also got a short movie of the pulley rotating. The garage looks a little full.

Movie 20 seconds of pulley working

I think the seal between the shaft and the case on the tracto side has gone. When I removed the pulley a big black mess greated me.

All the parts are detailed in the TE20 parts list, and the seal is one of them. I wonder if you can still get hold of it?
Item 15 I'll have to phone a couple of places and find out. It's not high on the list of things to do.

(Scanned parts List)



Pulley Diameter 9" (228.6mm)
Pulley Width 61/2" (165mm)
Gear Ratio to power take-off shaft 1.86 :1
Pulley speed 1356r.p.m (at 2000 engine r.p.m)
Belt speed 3190 ft. per min. (972.3 metres per min.) (at 2000 engine r.p.m)

Weight (dry) 41.5Ibs. (18.8kg.)
Oil capacity approx .5 pint (.28 litres).