TYPE 10 AE 28# 28789

 Plough Pictures: First


In the same format as the Holland-Brand News page hope you don't mind Graham

I've decided to make 2007 my year for finishing things. This on the tractor front is the plough. I've had a couple of comments about how long its taken to put it back together. It actually isn't back together yet!

Hello Tim,

I haven't been on your site for some time as nothing mutch was happening
on it for some time. Next time you do have a growth spurt on it let me know !.

With regards to the site, looking good. Did you get the glow system sorted
eventualy ?. You did write some about it on the FOFH forum but I can't remember
if you actualy got it sorted.

I see you bought new check chains with the D type shackles on it. I would
reccomend you take out the hairpins and put normal split pins in the d-shackle
pin. I've lost one pin and two hairpins last summer, I immidiatly changed all of our
fergie's over to split pins and that curred the problem. I'm not shure how they work
themselves out but they do.

Have you done any ploughing now you've got the plough sorted ? You have to start
giving credit to the website name sometime....

Best regards,

René de Bruin

Thanks René,
I need a new switch and heater element to get the Ki-gass system working. I've left it as the engine needs a rebuild to sort out the bad compression issue before I'll need a cold start kit.
A s you can see I've made it my mission to get the plough up and running and some ploughing done.

I've spent a couple of days looking round for all the parts for the plough. I only have one part to find. Its the bracket to hold the plough furrow wheel on. I'll be gutted if I've lost it. I'm sure it will be difficult to replace.

Missing part! I did have it once.

When supplied the plough was also missing a couple of parts. The bits that keep the spring in the furrow wheel assembly. The scraper for the furrow wheel

Its actually starting to look like a plough. I need to work on the furrow wheel and skimmers next. Then the final thing will be the mouldboards. I am not sure how it will go in the garage once the mouldboards have been added.


Work progressing on the rebuild photo's below. I have got gasket material from the tractor world show for the furrow wheel to landside connection.

A couple of days ago


After 10 days of fruitless searching I have finally come to the conclusion I will not get and 1"1/16 across flats nuts and bolts.
I'm going to use the ones I have and clean the threads up. Arrived today are the 5/8 UNF tap x3 and Die  + 7/16 UNF tap x 3 and Die I'm going to use. See the link page for RDG Tools where I got the tools from. much better than buying a set!

Lots of parts still to clean up but lots of parts done.


for bolt designation etc, see Operators Parts List:-



Taking a 5/16" x 2' long fine thread hexagon Parkerised bolt as an example, the part number is determined thus :

1. The first two decimal figures of the diameter are quoted as the first two figures of the part number, thus the 5/16" dia. bolt will start " 31 " (i.e., the decimal equivalent of 5/16" is .3125).

2. The type of thread is indicated next- " F " for fine thread (C for course) the part number now becomes - 31 F."

3. This is followed by the Part Number Group, which for a bolt is " B " (N for nut, W for washer, etc.) the part number is now " 31 FB."

4. Then comes the type of head, " H " for hexagon (C for carriage, K for cultivator head, etc.) the part number is now " 31 FBH."

5. The bolt length, which comes next. is quoted in hundredths of an inch, so that the part number for the bolt will now be " 31 FBH 200'

6. Lastly, the protective finish or heat treatment is shown (" A " for case hardened, " B " for Parkerised,
" C " for case hardened and Parkerised). So that the final part number becomes " 31 FBH 200B."

Items needed for the plough.

20 x 5/8" UNF Spring Washer
20 x 5/8" UNF Nut
Bolts all 5/8" UNF Length in inches (mm)
1 x  4" 5/8 (120)
2 x  2" 1/8 (54)
2 x  3" 3/8 (86)
2 x  2" 1/2 (64)
1 x  3" 3/16 (81)
1 x  3" 1/2 (89)

All the major parts of the frame are now painted. I have the coulters and skimmers still need to be done. I have wire brushed most of the bolts needed to assemble the main frame and I am using spray cans of paint of the small items. See main page for paint details.

I'm going to need another commissioning plate as the one on the plough was really bent out of shape. The article in Tractor and machinery magazine gave me hope that I would be able to get another one stamped with the type and number from above. I've been busy painting again.

Parts brushed with an angle grinder ready for painting

Parts with primer and final coat

I've started painting the plough.

I used my angle grinder to take off the top layer of rust and green mould from the long and short beam (see diagram below). These where the only two parts I managed to prepare as the rain started. I don't want to grind them in the basement as there is a lot of dust produced. I've still got a lot of parts to clean up as you can see.

There is an increasing urgency in getting the plough in a working condition, I've had it a long time and I've done nothing with it yet. A man in the last copy of Tractor and Machinery only took 3 weeks to restore his. And the most important reason my friend Jim has bought himself one and I've got to have mine ready before him! I've also never carried anything on the back of my tractor and I want to.

What have I done?
I had to wait for the electricity board to come and do some work on the housethis morning. You know the usual any time between 8 - 1pm and they always arrive1minute before 1pm totally spoiling all your plans for the day. so
I got on with dismantling the 2 furrow plough in the back garden. I only needed a Ferguson spanner and a rubber mallet and the whole thing cam apart quite easily. The Idea is toget the main bits shot blasted and reassembled pretty quickly. From now on all the information concerning this plough will be here on its own page

Showing the hole alignment before I dismantle it

Half way through the dismantling process

Most of the bits now apart

I have started a plough page.
Bron told me and she is right, "I bought that plough an short of buying a couple of skimmers for it I've done nothing with it"
Well I have the parts manual so I can put it back together. So its time to take it apart, shot blast it and get it painted and reassembled ready for the move to the garage.

Major Parts for Shot Blasting
R.H. Front Strut
R.H. Vertical Strut
L.H. Vertical Strut
L.H. Rear Strut
Short Beam (front)
Long Beam (back)
Brace Beam
Furrow Wheel
Skimmer Arm x2
Coulter Fork x2
Coulter Skew x2
Cross Shaft
Mouldboard Beam x2
Cross Shaft Clamp x2

Tom gave me a hand last night to unload the plough from the car (all 165Kgs of it) It slid down the makeshift ramp and into the garden without to many problems. And now comes the difficult task or restoring it. Its in great shape and Jim who bought it on my behalf has done a great job.  The only parts missing are the scraper on the furrow wheel and the two scrapers on the skimmers. Hopefully I can pick these up from somewhere. There is still a lot of paint on it in places. Its been well looked after and there is lots of grease on it. For more pictures have a look here.


I've finished painting the top link and the results are not to bad. Jim gave me some bolts at the weekend which will fit. 

Well I'm back of my Honeymoon, 5 weeks in New Zealand. The land of Tractors and Pies. Highlights of the trip tractor wise........

I had a text message whilst away to say a friend Jim had bought on my behalf a Ferguson 2 furrow plough. which I will be collecting on the weekend of 26/06/05... More to follow on that one.