Newark Tractor Show 2010 - Review

I thought I'd share my thoughts and inspiration from the Newark Vintage Tractor show. If you have any comments or can add anything to the background of the pictures please get in touch


Fifth Newark show for me but still worth the 7am start and petrol cost. tip - pre book your ticket and you can waltz past the ques waiting to get in!

Roy and I went on Sunday in a break with tradition to take a look at the Sodbury sort out. We weren't looking for


The theme this year was Case & David Brown. I saw a Ferguson Brown or ferguson A as part of that collection.


The FoFH Stand




Roy was looking for a new toolbox for his TE-D20. It's hard to find a good copy. I think this is an original one so now he has something to gaugethe copies against. There are loads of copies out there but are they any good? I on the other hand am not at the stage of looking for toolboxes until I've replaced the rear muguard skins. I'm putting the toolbox on the left hand wing. From the picture below you can see the spark ignition engines had holes to add toolbox below the battery frame. An alternative to this was on the radius arms attached with clips