Article By Willie Young.

This is the 1953 K-JA-30 two ton fergy trailer. Made in Victoria, Australia. I suspect the axles and bearings were WW11 surplus. Rare as anything as not many were made and few have survived

As Found Condition

Many people doubted their existance and I began to doubt as well but I had an old advertising flier. I got this Fergy booklet at the 2011 National rally and then in oct 2012 I came across one on ebay. Took till April this year to finally get it to Perth from Northern New South Wales (NSW)
Both John Farnworth and Stuart Gibbard think I`m a "Jammy" sod getting my hands on it.
The under-floor cross members are a mess but I can fix that


Took an hour for two of us to tear out the old hard wood floor. Note the way the cross members are fitted. Channel on back with wood inserts and floor nailed on. The later trailers had channel on edge and bolted down. Note also the state of the channels. I am to cut them out and fit new ones which I have ready. Still waiting on sand blaster to do the job one of these light years. I may put the channel on edge same as 3 tonners. Better be worth it when I`ve finished!

I have since been told by the new President of the Australian Harry Ferguson Club that they were made most likely at the old HV McKay/ MH factory at Sunshine outside Melbourne
The serial # number he suggests an early effort made about 1953/4
AGCO who now operate from there haven`t even heard of anything older than a model 22 MF trailer No records, bugger all seem to be in existance The axles are over-kill for starters and the bearings and hubs pretty substantial. Some of us reckon war surplus stuff. JCB used war surplus stuff to build their first tractor trailers

Finished Item


How the trailer was packaged up for its shipping to it's new home.