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Mower was scrapped some time in 2009.

I kept some of the parts but most where unusable. or seized solid. Theonly thing I now have left is the mower stands.

I purchased a copy of the finger bar mower instruction book from Graham at Holland-Brand. I can now see why there was no parts manual made for this impliment as there is one in the back of the instruction book. Well worth purchasing for any mower enthusiast / restorer.

The manual tells me the park stand which my mower has was an extra. I still have loads of parts missing.

The page goes live.
The colours have come from the original instruction manual for the Ferguson finger bar mower.

I got a friend at a local garage to un fuse a stuck solid PTO section for me. the PTO section itself was a present from James of the FoFH Forum. In return I'm sending him one of my number plate holders. (picture to follow)

Some helpful photo's from a FoFH Forum member. Thank You James, And thank you for sending the PTO adapter. I've just got to

Pictures of the spring assembly from my mower. the chain is so much shorter than it should be.

The Chain is 390mm long, It should actually be 870mm with 32 links

870mm/32 =  27mm per link

390mm/14 = 28mm per link

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