Ferguson Duel Wheel Spacers

How the dual wheels work.

1. Replace the standard wheel nuts for extended versions. (available from sparex)
part number S.15387 or S.40241 they look identical check the price.
and also from AGCO (Massey Ferguson) 818 801 7M1

2. Now you can place the space over the extended nuts.
I got really cheesed off as I kept on bidding at farm sales and these spacers. they kept on selling for far more than I was willing to pay. So I got hold of some dimensions and came up with a template to make one.


Dual Wheel Space Template


3. and finally fit the second wheel. Before you write in yes I know the wheel is on the wrong way round. this tractor operates on a slope so only one dual wheel is needed and it doesn't matter what the tread is.

A tip from a reader for adding the second wheel. "You could also mention that to avoid the need to jack up the tractor by parking on the slightly higher roadside concrete apron so that the dual wheel is on the asphalted roadway from where you lift the second wheel into place with a shovel. (Yes, you need a strong shovel for tractor wheels!)


(3 Photos courtesy of Raoul le Miëre thank you)


Thanks to James Ashby you can now download a drawing for the MF65 dual wheel spaces

Download Here

Thank you James