Cordwood Saw

I have been thinking about buying a saw for my tractor. That way I can use the tractor for something useful, namely cutting up wood for the log burner.

Someone told me there where two types of Ferguson saw bench available and it was the later one I wanted. But Why? So I start investigating what is available.

There are indeed two types available the first A-LE-19 can be identified by...

1. The name plate with the part number on. in the photo below this can clearly be seen, positioned on the cross member.

2. A straight edged, part hexagon, saw blade cover.

Speaking to people it was also difficult to set the correct tension on the belt.


So a later model was produced A-LE-A20 and the distinguishing features are.

A round blade cover, different belt adjustment method. Ferguson part number plate on the left hand front leg.



One common factor need for both saws is a pulley and also a steel bracket that attaches to the top of the pulley. This connection is the third linkage pint as well as the two lower lift arms. it its the bolt that connects to the pulley that is adjusted to get the correct belt tension.

As ever I have purchased the Instruction book for this ferguson implement from Graham. I find this is the First place to look for information about the saw. In the guide its detailed all the parts the saw is made of, general operation and how to sharpen the mights30" blade.

Buy Corwood Saw Instruction Manual

Someone else's opinion about saws and an alternative to a Ferguson Cordwood Saw.


Just reading about you saying your looking for a sawbench and thinking of a fergie cordwood saw. We have a fergie saw and they are ok, but they have there drawbacks. We also have a Mc Connel table sawbench, these are alot more versatile, i have attached a piture for you, they can be had for 300-400 they can be used on any tractor no need for belt pullet goes straight onto pto shaft and can handle most pieces of wood, fergie saw is only good for cordwood which is lengths, nearly impossible to cut slabs of wood etc with it, Mc connel bench is alot faster too.

Hope this helps

Mark Johnson