Ferguson Accessory Range

As most people know by now I just don’t have the space to collect all those lovely Ferguson implements, or another tractor for that matter. Not wanting to miss out on the buzz of search for, discovering and obtaining Ferguson items I’ve decided to collect as much as possible from the Ferguson Accessory Range.
Below is a list of all the Part Numbers and Descriptions that I have found so far

Part Number Description
A-TE-59 Stabiliser
A-TE-61 Hinged Seat and Feetrest Assembly
A-TE-65 Rear Wheel Weights, Set of Four
A-TE-66 Belt Pelley
A-TE-68 Tractor Cover
A-TE-69 Hours Recorder
A-TE-70 Tractor Jack
A-TE-K70 Tractor Jack - Vinyard
A-TE-72 Swinging Drawbar
A-TE-74 Steel Wheels, 40" x 10"
A-TE-75 Steel Wheels, 42" Open Type
A-TE-77 Tyre Inflation Kit
A-TE-78 Dual Wheel Attachment Kit
A-TE-79 Dual Rear Wheel Attachment Kit
A-TE-82 Vertical Exhaust Pipe, Petrol, L.O. V.O.
A-TE-83 Vertical Exhaust Pipe, Diesel
A-TE-86 Lighting Set ()
A-TE-87 Lighting Set, Cyclops (Full)
A-TE-89 Wheel Girdles 10" (see A-TE-109)
A-TE-89A Wheel Girdles 11" (see A-TE-109)
A-TE-96 Lighting Set ()
A-TE-97 Lighting Set Side (Side lights, rear numberplate)
A-TE-90 Automatic Hitch Assembly
A-TE-91 Wheel Weights, Front - 4.00 X 19
A-TE-K91 Wheel Weights, Front - Vinyard
A-TE-92 + A-TE-A92 Wheel Weights, Front - 16"
A-TE-93 Tractormeter Petrol and V.O
A-TE-F93 Tractormeter Diesel
A-TE-103 Tractor Seat Cushion
A-TE-106 Lighting Set ()
A-TE-107 Lighting Set ()
A-TE-109 Wheel Girdle, 10" with Lugs
A-TE-109 001 Wheel Girdle, 10" without Lugs
A-TE-109A Wheel Girdle, 11" with Lugs
A-TE-109001A Wheel Girdle, 11" without Lugs
A-TE-113 Tyre Tracks
A-TE-114 Industrial Bumper Assembly (Carb)
A-TE-F114 Industrial Bumper Assembly (Diesel)
A-TE-115 Industrial Fenders
A-TE-116 Industrial Fenders
A-TE-117 Dual Brake Kit
A-TE-118 Epicyclic Reduction Gear
A-TE-120 Front and Rear Wheel Fender Kit
A-TE-121 Paddy Cage Wheels 10"
A-TE-122 Paddy Cage Wheels 11"
A-TE-123 Driving Mirror
A-TE-124 Driving Horn
A-TE-127 Hours Recorder
A-TE-F127 Hours Recorder
A-TE-128 Tractor Brake Latch
A-TE-129 Front Mounted Weight Tray
A-TE-130 Front Axle Brakets
A-TE-131 Front Mounted Weight Tray
A-TE-132 Lighting Set (Universal)
A-TE-8950 Universal Coupling
If you can help by adding to the list with a part number and description then please get in touch. Most of this list has come from Ferguson reference material and documentation. What was A-TE-1?
Even better if you have one of these items that needs a good home then please get in touch.